Friday, 20 September 2013

How To Encourage Good Behaviour

Text: Ashikin Hashim

Children are our precious assets. We raise, teach, guide and love them with a hope that they will be the best people. Hence, that is not an easy task to mould and shape them. They will challenge us with their anxiety, excitement, tantrums and so many things. It is a very long way to go. In Islam, we are responsible to whatever we taught and Allah will ask what we have given and how we treat them. All are counted!

Here are the fun and enjoyable ways to encourage your children’s good behaviour:

1.      Show good examples

Parents are the closest examples that children could follow. They will see how their parents talk, walk or treat other people. In ibadah context, children will pray if they see their parents pray, they will be familiar with charity and helping needy people if their parents practice that.  So, show that good examples and it will encourage the good behaviour.

2.      Appreciate

If our children show good behaviour even a small good thing, appreciate them. We may give stars on their star chart, treat them ice cream, play with them or say to them how happy you are.

3.      Say thank you

Thank you is a magic word. Say it when we see them did a good manner. “ Thank you, Wafi for your help. You are a good boy. “

4.      Be proud

Always say to them how proud you are to have them in your life. 

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